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Hi, I'm Morgan! I'm passionately fascinated with improving well-being and living your authentic truth! I am a nurse serving the local Tucson community through health and wellness. I provide clients and the community with IV therapy services to promote a more integrative approach towards modern medicine.  I created The Integrative Nurse shortly after working during the pandemic at the bedside. After struggling to be authentically myself in traditional nursing roles and care settings I wanted to see more options for naturopathic approaches toward care. Teaching individuals the tools necessary to heal while we learn together has been a huge blessing. I believe in the standards of care in excellence toward an individualized approach. I teach yoga in the community consistently and welcome new avenues toward growth and expansion. Creating this wellness nursing role has changed my life allowing me to follow my intuition and self into guided alignment. I am so passionate about helping others who are invested in their health and well-being! 

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My Story

My name is Morgan Carolan and I am a professional registered nurse in the Tucson area who has over a decade of inpatient and hospital experience. I have been a RN for 7 years. I have always been fascinated with other’s stories and experiences and tend to lean into the energetics of life. After working the bedside at the Veterans hospital, I decided to pursue travel nursing where I learned so much in a variety of specialties. I explored many different nursing specialties during my contract as I acted as a resource RN at UCSD La Jolla.  I started working in primary care during a travel assignment at The Mayo Clinic.  Once the pandemic hit, I felt the call to return to bedside and returned to the bedside once more where I worked directly with coronavirus at Banner University main campus. Through my nursing career and journey, I embraced continuous education with my passion through life. I became a yoga instructor and reiki practitioner in 2019. I obtained my Cannabis Nurse Consultation license from Pacific College of Health and Science in 2021 where I studied nurse coaching and motivational interviewing. I enjoy working with individualized care, the role of autonomy in your health care practice and wellness. After working clinically for the last decade, I have decided to begin my own business offering IV therapy as a professional specialist to see where the journey will take me. It feels good to me to be able to provide nutrients that assist with detoxifying the body and allowing natural repair in healing to take place. I like serving the local community and making connections that benefit us all. I like to be involved with non-profit work and volunteering.  Based off my knowledge, experience, and expertise, I hope you can rest assured, your health, care and efficacy is safe with me.   I truly believe in the natural functions of our bodies and when given the right ingredients, they will function well beyond health, thriving in a sense of wellbeing. That is my goal, why I started The Integrative Nurse and a vision toward changing options for your personal health and care in the future. 

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