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Vitamin B12 


Increases your energy and metabolism, improves mood & sleep 

Fat Burner


Ready to pull energy from your fat cells and convert it into useful energy to be used by the body- MIC & B12

Trifecta Immune Booster


 Build your immune system to help your body function at its best glutathione, zinc and Vitamin C. 



B-complex vitamins and metabolism boost with fat burning MIC to help melt fat with diet and exercise routine 



B-complex helps maintain healthy skin, brain, and tissue cells. B12 assist with energy metabolism. 



detoxifying antioxidant key component in mitochondria cellular function overall best natural anti-inflammatory 



 Reduce inflammation and relieve stress with magnesium & B-complex



repleat vitamins that help with mood, clarity, sleep and depression



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Take Charge of Your Health!

Don’t settle for constant pain, fatigue, frequent bouts of cold, slow recovery time, or a weak immune system. Take charge of your health today!

From headache relief to increased stamina and energy to immune and detoxification support, the benefits of IV Therapy can impact your health in ways you never imagined. And with our customized treatment plans, each dosage is carefully controlled and tailored to meet your specific needs.

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